Cultural Season 26th

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Wednesday, 30th

Glimpses from “Music Circle” performed by Salman al-Ammari and al-Mass Band at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre.

Tuesday, 29th

Glimpses of young Italian talents around the world


Monday, 28th

Glimpses from “the Sununu Project” by Hussa al-Humaidhi and the band at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre.

Wednesday, 23th

Glimpses from “Liwa and Tanboura” by Saleh Murjan Band at Yarmouk Cultural Centre.

Monday, 21th

“The Arabs” Film Nights, the series was concluded with a discussion by Dr Saad Bin Tefla of part 10, titled “The Arabs Now” at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre.

Wednesday, 16th

Glimpses from ” Enchanting Night ” presented by Abdulaziz Almisbah at Yarmouk Cultural Centre.

Monday, 14th

Dr Yusur al-Madani discussed part 9 of “The Arabs” documentary series, titled “Family Ties” after featuring it at the Yarmouk Cultural Center.

Wednesday, 9th

We cordially invite you to attend a seminar presented by Mr. Muhammed Sharaf titled “Designer Identity”.

Mohammad Sharaf is a Kuwait-based designer and the director of Sharaf Studio. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and another bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. He later earned his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Sharaf is interested in social and political symbolism and specializes in visual identity, typography and editorial design.
In 2011, he started a series of works entitled “Visual Reactions” which he used to communicate his views on rising local, regional, and international issues. His latest work, “Cemetery of Banned Books”, was a public art intervention created to protest against censorship in Kuwait.
Sharaf continues to expand in his use of mediums, creating bold, powerful and thought-provoking visuals alongside themes that reflect on current society.

Monday, 7th

Film Night of “The Arabs” documentary part 8, titled “Building a Nation” at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre

Sunday, 6th

Glimpses from ” Harmony of the Dar ” presented by Lulwa Alshamlan at Yarmouk Cultural Centre.


Monday, 21th

Glimpses from “The Shadow of the West” Film Night, part 7 of “The Arabs” film series. After watching the film, the commentators Dr Souad al-Enezi and Dr Numan Jubran discussed it with the audience at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre.

Monday, 14th

“The Arabs” series was titled “Ways of Faith”. The commentator Fareed Abdal disscused it with the audience at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre.

Wednesday, 9th

You’re invited to attend a seminar, titled “When a Letter is Missed” by Dr Ali Ashour al-Jafar and Mr Jassim Mohammad Mi’raj.

“When a Letter is missed” is a work written by Ali Ashour, where he explains what happens when letters are missing from an alphabet. The work includes some calligraphy by the calligrapher Jassim Mi’raj which supports the text harmoniously.

Monday, 7th

“The Arabs” series was titled “Ways of Faith”. The commentator Fareed Abdal disscused it with the audience at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre.


Wednesday, 26th

Glimpses from “Renegotiating Identity” seminar presented by Jassim al-Nashmi at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre.

Monday, 24th

Dr Mohammad al-Rumaihi and Mr Sami al-Nesf discussed the third film of “The Arabs”, titled “The City Victorious?” at the Yarmouk Cultural Center.

Monday, 17th

Film Night of The Arabs documentary part II, titled “Between Two Worlds”, commented by Mr Amer al-Tamimi and Mr Khalil Haidar at Yarmouk Cultural Centre

Monday, 10th

First episode of the documentary film The Arabs.

Presented and discussed By Mr Shakir Abul & Dr Abdulhadi Alajmi.


Wednesday, 29th

Glimpses from “Viva La Musica ” presented by Valentina Baginska & “Cantores Maiores” Choir.
at Yarmouk Cultural Centre.

Monday, 20th

Glimpses from Habib bin Shihab inscription:An Early Arabic Inscription Dated From the Northeastern Badia (The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) presented by Dr. Abdullah Sa’ad Al-Hatlani.

Wednesday, 15th

Glimpses of Qanoon Music Night with Aytaç Doğan.

Turkish musician who is regarded as one of the best kunan players in the world. He has recorded on thousands of albums, and lectures at the Egyptian Ahmet Rhythm Academy. He is a member of the Taksim Trio.

Monday, 13th

Glimpses from “Between Pluralism and Homogeneity: The Management of Religious Diversity in the Arabian Peninsula”; a lecture presented by Dr. Bader Mousa Al-Saif.

Sunday, 12th

Celebrating 60th Anniversary of relations between kuwait and Italy, the Embassy of the Republic of Italy organised a concert ( Quartetto Indaco), in cooperation with Dar al-Athar, at Yarmouk Culture Centre to celebrate this occasion

Monday, 6th

Glimpses from “Al-Ghazali and Descartes from Doubt to Certainty: A Phenomenological Approach” by Dr. Mohammed Al-Waheeb at YCC.


Monday, 29th

The Conceptual Metaphor of Love in Arabic’ by Dr. Abdullah Alsarhan.

Wednesday, 24th

Glimpses from “Heritage Rhythm” Music Night by Fadhel Kankouni at al-Yarmouk Cultural Centre.

Monday, 22th

Glimpses from ‘Marriage/ Divorce documents in the late Fatimid Era’ lecture presented by Dr. Reem al-Rudaini.

Thursday, 18th

أمسية بعنوان ” Choro Livre”.
Music Night entitled ” Choro Livre “

Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah in cooperation with the embassy of brazil, invites you to a special Music Night entitled ” Choro Livre ” .

Wednesday, 17th

Glimpses from “points & lines” seminar presented by Calligrapher Jassim al-Nasserallah.

Monday, 15th

Glimpses from ‘A for Apple’ lecture by Dr. Mussaad Razouki at YCC.

Wednesday, 10th

Glimpses from “Arab Maghreb Medley” Music Night by Omrani and the Crew.

Monday, 8th

Glimpses from ‘The Land of Punt’ lecture by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Mahfouz at YCC.

Saturday, 6th

Fall Festival 6 – 12th November 2021

Wednesday, 3th

Glimpses from ‘My Experience’ a seminar titled ‘Forty-two Years of Documenting Kuwait’ By Claudia Al-Rashoud.

Monday, 1th

Glimpses from Numeric Codes in the Arabian Peninsula’s lecture presented by
Dr. Amin Almuhanna at YCC.


Wednesday, 27th

Glimpses from “Breaking Barriers” Music Night by Dr Hamid al-Koot at al-Yarmouk Cultural Centre.

Monday, 25th

Glimpses from the “Al-Hilali Epic Journey” lecture presented by Dr. Saleh Baraka Al-Saeedi at YCC.

Wednesday, 20th

Glimpses from ‘My Experience’ seminar, titled “Nature Lover”, presented by Mr. Bakr Musa al-Bakr and Dr. Nouf al-Hashash at YCC.

Wednesday, 13th

Music Night performed by the maestro Islam Faris & Maha Hanafi accompanied by the Al-Saltana Band in Yarmouk cultural center.

Monday, 11th

Glimpses from ‘From Shakespeare to Southern Arabia: Doreen Ingrams (1906 – 1997)’ lecture by Alison Shan Price at YCC.

Monday, 4th

Glimpses from ‘Quraish in pre-Islamic inscriptions and non-Islamic sources’ lecture by Prof. Dr. Abdul-Hadi Nasser Al-Ajmi at YCC.


Monday, 27th

Glimpses from ‘Medicinal & Amuletic Artefacts in the Tareq Rajab Museum’ lecture presented by Dr Ziad Rajab.

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