Theater Performances

November 22

لقطات من عرض مسرحية “هاملت” في مركز اليرموك الثقافي.

Glimpses of “Hamlet” play at Yarmouk Cultural Centre.

October 5

‘Gertrude Bell Explores Arabia’ a CAW at DAI Amricani Cultural Centre given by Alison Shan Price MBE

This morning at the DAI Amricani Cultural Centre, visiting theatre director, Alison Shan Price MBE, lil,e Gertrude Bell CBE, presented an action-packed Theatre In Education (T.I.E) workshop as part of the Children’s’ Art Workshop CAW programme, entitled ‘Gertrude Bell Explores Arabia’. Thirty-five children, aged 5 to 15, accepted the invitation of explorer and archaeologist, Gertrude Bell, to travel with her through Arabia. Born in 1863, Gertrude explained how names of countries were different to today and under the Ottoman Empire and how everyone must create a ‘Diary’ in which to record every event in a time without internet. Each traveller had to pass a test of endurance. A ship took them to Arabia where their camel caravans awaited. After learning how to ride a camel, and buying necessary equipment in the Souk, each caravan ventured into the desert to undergo trials of stamina and quick thinking before performed their scenarios before an audience. On arrival at an ancient site, Gertrude explained the meaning of a ‘Tell’, a ‘hill’ that hides a secret history. Excavation techniques were practised and artefacts ‘discovered’ and described. The workshop concluded with CAW youth museum docents inviting the audience of children and parents into the Children’s Museum to view real artefacts excavated by archaeologists which are now part of Al Sabah Collection.

Alison Shan Price will present the lecture ‘Gertrude Lowthian Bell CBE: Honorary Director of Antiquities of the Museum of Iraq’ as part of the 25th Cultural Season of the Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyyah’ on 11th November. This lecture and Workshop are part of her series ‘The Middle East & Victoria’s Women’

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