The Nasser al-Sabah Collection Libraries

Where better to read than in a library? 

Where better to travel around the world or back through time than in the comfort of a cozy chair in a library? Where better to find answers to questions you had and to questions you didn’t know you had than a library? We believe the answer to all three questions is ‘nowhere’.

Given that, it should come as no surprise that the DAI operates two libraries that are open to the public. One, in the Yarmouk Cultural Centre, is for adults and hosts thousands of books on virtually every aspect of art and culture of the Islamic world, both before and since the advent of Islam. The other, located at the Amricani is for children accompanied by an adult.

     The stacks in library at Yarmouk contain the history of the Islamic world, from the early Bronze Age through the present. In books written hundreds of years ago and books by contemporary scholars, the history and culture of a broad geographic region are explained. Often the story describes a process through which culture, art and technology merge with geopolitics and migration, with a result that tells a more complete story than is shared by focusing on any one element. The depth of material available can give the reader/researcher not just the factual answer to a query, but a full sense of the colour, texture and feel for the subject being researched. Visits to the library are done by appointment only, during Yarmouk Cultural Centre working hours. For more information or the make an appointment, email: library@darmuseum.org.kw


The DAI Children’s Library is located in a bright and brightly coloured room at the Amricani Cultural Centre. The library contains books in Arabic, English and a smattering of other languages and are broken down into three categories: books for toddlers, books for 5 – 10 year olds and books for 11 – 13 year olds. Not surprisingly, books about art and culture are widely available, as are children’s classics, and contemporary books that feature a good story and, in appropriate situations, good illustrations. Everyone is welcome to visit the library and use the books onsite; members of the library are able to check out books. The library’s hours fluctuate based on our volunteer availability, so it is best to check out the latest info posted on our Instagram (@dai_Kuwait) or email: education@darmuseum.org.kw to confirm that it will be open when you’d like to visit. 

Library Visual TOUR at Yarmouk Cultural Centre

 The books shown below offer extensive looks into specific aspects of The al-Sabah Collection. The purpose is to give interested parties a detailed tour of a media or a genre in a format that presents the history and artistic techniques behind the objects and also the culture and communities that inspired them.